Loyal Dog Waits On Bridge For Four Days After Watching Owner Take Their Life

Heartwrenching photos captured in Wuhan, China, show a faithful dog waiting for its owner days after they reportedly jumped into the water, taking their own life, writes news18.

The images were captured on a pavement by the Yangtze Bridge — Current reports suggest that the dog followed its owner to the spot on May 30, where they sadly jumped into the river.

According to Chutian Metropolis Newspaper, a Chinese resident known only by his surname Xu, found the devoted dog resting by the railing on Friday. Mr. Xu posted the images to social media, explaining that he had hoped to adopt the dog, but unfortunately it ended up running away.

Images show the loyal pooch staring longing at the river through a section of the bridge, from which local police later confirmed an unidentified member of the public had been spotted leaping on the evening of May 30.

Director, Du Fan, of Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, (Wuhan SAPA) saw Mr. Xu’s social media post and created a response unit with local volunteers, to find the lost dog.

Mr. Du told the media that the dog followed its owner to the Yangtze Bridge on the evening of May 30. He further told Pear Video that;

“We asked the bridge officers to check what exactly happened. It was really dark, [we] couldn’t see much on the surveillance footage. [We saw that] the person jumped straight away.”

Mr. Du along with his volunteers are currently trying to track down the dog’s whereabouts. He also pledged anyone to come forward if they had seen the animal.

‘We still hope to find a new owner for the dog,’ he told Pear Video.

‘We think it’s too sad for such a loyal dog to stray on the streets.’

The dog’s loyalty to his owner has brought many people to tears all over social media. It is still unknown what the owner had experienced leading up to their decision to jump off the bridge.

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This story originally appeared on news18.com

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